A Bump in the Road for Telecommuting?

November 28, 2017

For years, employers of all sizes increasingly supported telecommuting as a way to accommodate their staff's desire for work-life balance and scheduling flexibility. As technology has made working from home ever more feasible, it has often yielded gains in productivity and worker satisfaction.

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Cybercrime: It Requires All of Us to Stay Safe

June 27, 2017

We’ve all read about large-scale phishing scams and ransomware attacks on organizations ranging from Sony Pictures and Target stores to the U.S. Government. But you probably haven’t read about the thousands of smaller companies that have suffered similar attacks.

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Is there a “cloud” in your forecast?

January 3, 2017

Maybe it’s the name: “cloud” does not sound like the most secure and robust technology ever invented. Whatever the reason, we hear a lot of questions that indicate customers are a little uneasy about moving to the cloud: Should I? When will be I ready? What exactly does it take?

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Beyond the Hype about Hyperconverged Technology

November 10, 2016

Hyperconvergence or hyperconverged infrastructure is being touted as a NEW solution to the problem of datacenter storage and computer sprawl. As IBM partners, however, we’ve had much of this technology at our fingertips for a decade or more.

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ITS Celebrates 20th Anniversary by Expanding its Team and Promoting Staff

October 20, 2016

ITS, Inc. is celebrating 20 years of dedicated customer-focused IT expertise this year. The company today serves clients across North America and beyond in a myriad of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, retail, higher education, and other consulting companies.

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Think Globally, Bike Locally: ITS is proud to sponsor Wheels4Water

August 10, 2016

ITS, Inc., a leading U.S. IT solutions provider, contributes to many good causes in Maine and across the country. But as a player in today’s globally connected world, ITS also supports an organization that helps bring safe drinking water to impoverished residents thousands of miles away, in eastern Uganda: Wheels4Water (W4W).

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We’re Working to Take the Drama out of Disasters

July 21, 2016

 Relative to Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity is a more dynamic method for ensuring that the loss of specific information technology systems and infrastructure has the least impact on your business and customers.

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Seeing past the “Hype” in “Hyper-Convergence”

March 21, 2016

One innovation creating a lot of hype today is hyper-convergence. Everyone from Lenovo and Nutanix to Dell and EMC is attempting to cash in on this hot new trend. But what is it actually? 

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Corporate generosity: doing good is just good business

January 21, 2016

As business owners, our top priority must be to keep our staff employed and the business profitable. We believe, however, that being a good corporate citizen is also a critical component of business leadership in the United States. Even in the hardest times, companies can and should help the less fortunate.

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Who's your trusted IT advisor?

December 14, 2015

By developing a relationship with an IT Services and Consulting firm, you can count on having an expert available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns, fears, opportunities and roadblocks. Your trusted advisor can give you an outside perspective on your business and help set your IT strategy on the right path.

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