Is there a “cloud” in your forecast?

January 3, 2017

Maybe it’s the name: “cloud” does not sound like the most secure and robust technology ever invented. Whatever the reason, we hear a lot of questions that indicate customers are a little uneasy about moving to the cloud: Should I? When will be I ready? What exactly does it take?

The most frequent question of all is: How can I convince my customers and vendors that their information is safe in the cloud?

These are all valid questions, and our team at ITS, Inc. has the expertise to answer them.

With the right partnership, the move to the Cloud can be relatively painless, very efficient and in many cases, extremely cost-effective.

First, consider the fact that pretty much anything you access through the Web is, in essence, cloud-based: your bank account and 401K, file storage, all your vacation plans. While there are many high-profile cases of cyber-security breaches, the reality is that most organizations do a fine job of protecting your data in the cloud.

Moving your IT infrastructure to a cloud-based model involves the same kind of technology, and has the same advantages: access any time, anywhere, independent of local hardware and power; no investment in server hardware or space to house it; easier oversight by remote technical providers.

The risks of moving your data to the cloud are relatively minimal. If your passwords are strong and you are diligent with standard security protocols, there is probably more risk with in-house systems than with commercially available cloud-based solutions. 

So if growing IT needs are in your company’s forecast, ask our team at ITS about moving to the cloud. We’ll work with you to assess its feasibility, and candidly discuss the potential risks and costs, along the financial and operational benefits you stand to gain. Call us at 1-888-264-7852, today.

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