Use server virtualization to optimize your data center

Today’s dynamic business environment forces companies to adapt to changes quickly while being mindful of the budget. Old hardware that is underutilized and expensive to maintain can adversely affect a company’s responsiveness while having higher operational costs.

Companies that have one physical server per application often are faced with server sprawl, high energy costs, lengthy deployment windows for new applications, and under-utilization of server resources. Do these problems sound familiar? ITS can help.

The expert virtualization consultants at ITS can help by configuring multiple virtual servers to be run on one physical server, thus maximizing hardware resources. Additionally you will be provided with separate production and test environments to test software changes before going live.

This method of server consolidation maximizes the use of space, lowers energy costs and increases utilization of server resources. Additionally, it eases application deployment by allowing for the quick provisioning of server resources.

Choosing ITS as your IT resource for virtualization projects brings years of experience on a variety of platforms. We have partnerships with VMware and IBM that give us expertise with virtualization on x86 as well as on IBM Power Systems running AIX, IBM i, or Linux. This enables us to tailor the project to the unique needs of each business we engage with.

Key Benefits of Virtualization with ITS:

  • Increase server utilization, maximizing return on investment
  • Increase business agility
  • Cut down on server sprawl and combat increasing energy costs
  • Increase overall system availability through redundancy and consolidation
  • Years of experience on the best virtualization platforms on the market



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