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ITS has been a trusted advisor to a network of healthcare facilities throughout New England for over 15 years.

ITS provides a wide range of consulting services to healthcare clients, including systems design and guidance for future infrastructure growth. We recognize the security and confidentiality constraints placed on healthcare IT departments, and all of our solutions are designed with optimal outcomes in mind while keeping your facility in compliance with federal regulations.

Data management has emerged as a vital area for healthcare over the past decade with the emergence of electronic medical records and the storing of medical images. Our expertise in storage area networking, the vast line of IBM storage products, and the crucial topic areas of tiered storage, storage virtualization and data lifecycle management can ease any data management concerns your firm might have.

The end result will be ease of management, more efficient storage infrastructure, and increased flexibility for future growth. As is the case with all of our engagements, ITS will find ways to best leverage your existing hardware to maximize your return on investment.

The Future for Healthcare 

Watson is a supercomputer developed by IBM, built on the IBM Power chip and capable of complex data analytics. It was showcased on Jeopardy last year where it easily defeated two past champions.

The implications of Watson extend far beyond game shows, as IBM hopes that the advances made in data analytics will be utilized in several industries, one of which being healthcare. Watson is in development as a commercial product for the healthcare industry. The goal is to have Watson aid in patient diagnostics by helping Doctor’s analyze the vast amounts of medical data in journals and electronic health records in combination with a patient’s prior medical history. This represents an exciting development for the future of healthcare.

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