IBM Storage Solutions

IBM Storage Solutions


Today, big data analytics, mobile and social applications are creating more data than ever. And it all needs to be saved and analyzed—either in the cloud or on premise. You also need to have immediate access to the right data at the right time to get valuable insights. Ask ITS about how we can design the right solution for your data using IBM Storage Solutions. Our highly trained and certified sales and implementation engineers have experience deploying world-class storage infrastructure for businesses like yours across the northeast and around the world.

IBM offers the following storage solutions. Learn more about the complete line of IBM Storage Solutions at

IBM Spectrum Storage 

The agility, control and efficiency you need.

IBM Spectrum Storage™ allows you to deploy a storage infrastructure for cloud in just minutes. Get the insight and optimization of on-premise and cloud storage. Plus get automatic data placement and management across storage systems, media and cloud, while reducing costs by up to 90%.

IBM FlashSystem 

Make better decisions faster.

IBM FlashSystem® can find you the valuable insights hiding in your data in microseconds. FlashSystem is the fastest-growing segment in enterprise storage. And 80% of IT decision makers are already using or considering it. Don’t miss the chance to get ahead of the competition.

IBM VersaStack 

For a more efficient and versatile storage solution.

By 2017, nearly 66% of enterprise application infrastructures will use integrated solutions. VersaStack™ uses IBM and Cisco technology to give you the performance and efficiency you need to grow your business and reduce your costs.

IBM Storwise All-Flash 

Easy to deploy for advanced storage solutions.

Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ software, the IBM Storwize family provides hybrid solutions with common functionality, management and flexibility.  It delivers sophisticated capabilities that are easy to deploy, and help control costs for growing businesses.

 At ITS, we’ve implemented IBM Storage Solutions for a variety of businesses. Contact us today for a consultation or quote.

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