Managed Services

Managed Services

Keep your data and equipment secured and protected

In keeping with the trends in the Information Technology industry, ITS has been developing a suite of managed services for our clients across the nation. Beginning with our exclusive Disaster Recovery solution developed specifically for the foodservice industry, ITS has built a portfolio of services based on the needs our clients and prospects have requested.

While many providers develop traditional generic managed services products, ITS has chosen a much different approach. Based on our successful solutions development programs, that provide our customers with the systems and services that meet their needs and provide real value to each project, we’ve chosen the same path for our services delivery products as well.

Whether you have a single server that you want managed at your location, you’ve decided to virtualize your systems onto remotely managed hardware, or you’re looking to move your entire production or disaster recovery solution to a remote, secure, managed environment, ITS is here to serve you.

With 24 hour security, fire protection, surveillance and access control, the ITS datacenter is a facility in which you can trust your data and equipment. Coupled with our team of highly skilled, trained and certified engineers, all functions of your daily Information Technology management can be handled by our team. Whether you want all or just some of the daily operational activities to be provided for you, the ITS team is ready to deliver.

Services Available
  • Equipment Colocation
  • Virtualized Intel® Compute and Storage
    • Windows/Vmware/Microsoft/Linux/Citrix
  • Virtualized IBM Power® Compute and Storage
    • AIX/i5OS/Linux
  • Systems Management
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup and Recovery Services
  • Customized connectivity for site to site communication
  • Hot Site availability for Disaster Recovery
    • Up to 6 workstations and telephones for staff to relocate in the case of a physical plant failure



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