Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement

Protect, manage, and secure your data

“The Cloud”, “Infrastructure as a Service”, “Software as a Service”, “Business Process as a Service”, “laaS”, “Saas”, “BPaaS”, “Private Cloud”, “Public Cloud”, “Hybrid Cloud”

All of these terms elicit some response from every business owner and technology professional.

  • Do I need these?
  • Do I have these?
  • Where can I get these?
  • Who manages these?

Once you’ve determined your answers to the basic questions, where do you go to implement and manage the resulting decisions?

ITS can assist with the analysis, deployment and on-going management of any combination of these or any other technology decisions you’re faced with as a technology decision maker.

Our team of highly trained, certified consultants can outline a strategy that will ensure your data is properly managed, protected and secured. 

From task specific servers to remotely hosted infrastructure, ITS can assist you in your pursuit of the proper IT environment for your company.

Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with enhanced productivity tools like Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Servers, Lync servers, centralized shared storage, off-site backups and Disaster Recovery solutions for any platform you require.

The ITS team works with all major hardware and software vendors to deliver a cost effective, business-needs-centric and flexible solution to ensure your IT spend is returning the best value for the investment.



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