Drive a more efficient data center

As your company grows, you need a flexible and resilient data center that works with your business as opposed to holding it back. Server sprawl can drastically increase power consumption and leave resources underutilized.

The benefits of IT consolidation with ITS are many; including greatly reduce IT footprint, increased overall system performance, increase scalability & resilience, and simplification of system management.

The consultants at ITS have years of experience with data center consolidation, including planning at a high level, consolidation of legacy workloads, and virtualization on multiple environments to help your company save money and increase business agility. All solutions designed by ITS will find ways to best leverage existing hardware and maximize your return on investment.

To help supplement your in house resources, ITS offers staff augmentation services on either a short or long term basis to ensure that the implementation gets completed on time.

Key Benefits of Consolidation with ITS:

  • Leverage existing hardware, maximizing return on investment
  • Increase business agility
  • Cut down on server sprawl and combat increasing energy costs
  • Increase overall system availability through redundancy and virtualization

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