Lenovo Products

Lenovo Products

The number one PC supplier in the world

An IBM Business Partner from its start, ITS has now achieved certification as a partner with Lenovo, which has long been closely allied with IBM. Lenovo now owns IBM’s former PC business, including Thinkpad, as well as their X86 server line. Lenovo continues IBM's superior service and support, quality diagnostics, and problem solving.

 As a Lenovo Partner, ITS offers their full line of solutions, from workstations to enterprise servers, as well as Lenovo’s innovative cross-branded solutions with companies such as Nutanix, IBM Storage, and SAP.

 Lenovo offers a full range of innovative yet reliable and cost-effective computing, storage, and networking solutions to meet the diverse needs of most businesses and markets.

Today, Lenovo is the technology choice for many small and medium-sized businesses and the number one PC supplier in the world.

 Why Lenovo?

Of particular relevance to ITS customers, Lenovo recently intensified its focus on the $87 billion data center technology market by unveiling an expanded arsenal of IT solutions, including:

  • next-gen software-defined storage;
  • enterprise networking offerings and capabilities;
  • the latest high-performance servers; and
  • an enhanced suite of hyper-converged appliances.

 To ensure continuous innovation and bring the best end-to-end technology solutions to their customers, Lenovo partners with industry leaders, including:

  • Nutanix- the market-leader in hyperconvergence
  •  SAP- the world leader in enterprise application software

 Ask your ITS Representative about designing and implementing a specialized Lenovo solution for your business needs.   

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