Three Ways to Keep Your Hard Drive Healthy

August 26, 2014

hard drive protectionKeeping data intact is crucial for every company, and learning how to increase care for data storage components like hard drives is an important element of IT operations. Although hard drives are becoming increasingly obsolete, some companies still prefer them to cloud technology. For these companies, it’s especially crucial to extend the life of the hard drive to keep data safe.

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How to Leverage Existing Hardware for Maximum ROI

August 7, 2014

Growing your IT department’s capabilities doesn’t mean you have to invest in new hardware. First consider how you can maximize ROI for the equipment and solutions your company already has. By leveraging existing hardware for maximum ROI, you boost internal efficiency while helping your company’s bottom line.

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Is Your IT Infrastructure Scalable?

July 21, 2014

There is much to do and remember when launching a startup. While you are likely dreaming of and anticipating future growth and success, it’s easy to forget about scalability. Don’t make that foolish mistake! If you are serious about your company, every area of your business should have built in scalability features.

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Storage Management and Your Business

July 2, 2014

Here at ITS, Inc., we talk a lot about storage management. But what is storage management, and why is it important? With this guide to storage management, you can learn more about what this term means, why storage management is important for businesses, and how to successfully implement a storage management strategy.

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Firewalls - They Are For Small Businesses, Too

May 15, 2014

For small businesses, cyber security is no joke. 20 percent of small businesses are affected by cybercrime every year, and the majority of these companies go out of business within six months of the attack due to loss of financial and identity data. Small businesses can be more susceptible because they may have fewer virtual defenses in place.

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How Small Businesses Can Leverage Big Data for Big Results

May 2, 2014

While the term ‘big data’ may sound exclusive to large corporations and Fortune 500 firms, don’t let the name fool you. Big data can be equally powerful for small businesses, if leveraged properly. The key for business owners is to understand what big data can do and how it’s relevant in specific situations.

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Small Businesses Save Money with Cloud Computing

April 22, 2014

Cloud computing has become the preferred method of doing everything from managing projects to enhancing collaboration across multiple teams. According to Forbes, more than 50% of U.S. businesses have switched to the cloud, an option that has significant financial benefits for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Four Lessons from Target Data Breach

April 16, 2014

Almost six months after one of the biggest US data breaches in recent history, discount retailer Target is still battling decreased business and public backlash. Reports speculated that as many as 40 million Target shoppers may have been affected by the credit and debit card breach.

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A Little Help Here: How to Establish the Best Relationship with Your IT Consultant

April 12, 2014

IT consultants from a company like ITS, Inc. are an invaluable resource to small businesses, providing solutions and expertise that will help get your company’s IT strategy into fighting shape. The relationship between the consultancy and the client (you) goes both ways, so do everything you can to make the most of it.

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Understanding How Virtualization Enhances Business Performance

March 21, 2014

Though server virtualization is over a decade old, many businesses still aren’t taking advantage of the benefits it has to offer. By investing in virtualization, your business will experience the notable advantages of technology that lead to a competitive edge.

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