We’re Working to Take the Drama out of Disasters

July 21, 2016

All business owners know that lost or compromised data could spell disaster for their operation—but most of us prefer not to contemplate the consequences.

Imagine if you suddenly lost access to your customer orders, inventory, accounting and email systems, because of a natural disaster, security breach or equipment failure. How well could your company recover? Surveys show that nearly half of businesses that suffer a major data loss never recover.1

At ITS, we consider a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan to be essential to every IT environment. DR can be as simple as backing up files to a USB thumb drive or as complex as a full-fledged Backup and Recovery solution utilizing dedicated hardware, software and management systems.

ITS has extensive experience with DR on all popular platforms, including the industry-leading products, Veaam, IBM Spectrum Protect and many others. We work with companies from those with only five people all the way up to those on the Fortune 500. We customize DR solutions to meet your organization’s urgency of recovery and complexity of data.

The Bigger Picture: Business Continuity

Relative to Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity is a more dynamic method for ensuring that the loss of specific information technology systems and infrastructure has the least impact on your business and customers.

ITS has deep experience designing BC solutions that let you continue to deliver your business services regardless of the status of your facilities.

Remotely hosted active-standby or active-active systems and storage, custom-designed data retention and management will completely transform the risk from a major disaster hitting your facility.

Let our team of highly skilled and certified engineers ensure that your organization’s IT will be there whenever you need it, no matter what. Contact us or call me today at 1-888-264-7852.

Thanks for reading,

Rob Connary, President - COO


 Business continuity statistics: where myth meets fact. Continuity Central. 24 April 2009. Retrieved 3 August 2012.

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