Corporate generosity: doing good is just good business

January 21, 2016

Corporate generosityAs business owners, our top priority must be to keep our staff employed and the business profitable. We believe, however, that being a good corporate citizen is also a critical component of business leadership in the United States. Even in the hardest times, companies can and should help the less fortunate, through monetary donations and by participating in activities that benefit the community.

Every year, we make contributions to our not-for-profit clients to support all sorts of great programs. We have also identified programs in our community as “go-to” recipients of our charitable contributions, including the following:

  • A few hundred dollars per month has a far-reaching impact on a health clinic that provides free pre-natal, well child, dental and other health services to the surrounding communities. Their location right here in our office complex has given us the opportunity to get to know amazing people who clearly care about our community, and allows us to participate in this great cause in a very meaningful yet discreet way.
  • We have provided both material and monetary support to our local youth robotics team. This team, which is independent of the local high school and managed completely by volunteer mentors, has benefited from custom-designed meeting space in one of our buildings that we built specially to ensure that the team has a safe and flexible space in which to meet, plan, design and build their competitive robot systems. By providing this space at no cost to them, we’ve ensured that the students’ monthly fundraising efforts go directly to improving the quality of their competitive activities.
  • We contribute regularly to our local children’s toy drive. Recently, we also made a special effort to address a severe need in the community for children’s mattresses. They were being held at a nearby furniture store, but the toy drive team had no way to retrieve them. We provided a driver, our box truck and, unbeknownst to them, the money to purchase the mattresses. They were picked up and delivered to the program’s staging area, much to the surprise and joy of the toy drive committee.

Small-scale efforts like these can have a dramatic impact on the organizations served, and set an example for others to follow. Until we all recognize need in our communities and do our part to mitigate it, the needy will continue to suffer.

We at ITS encourage all businesses to divert a bit of your profit to help those in your local community, too. Just a few small acts from every business and each successful person will make a world of difference. While these contributions are not as glitzy as donating hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to get your name on a building, in many cases their impact is even more significant.

Thanks for reading,

Rob Connary, President - COO

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